online_lane_shape:  Calculation of equilibrium channel top width using the Lane et al. theory

The Mississippi river near Lake Bemidji, Minnesota


To = Yo  cos-1 (β tanφ ) [2 / tanφ] [(1 + β tanφ ) / (1 - β tanφ )]1/2

Reference:  Ponce, V. M., 1982. The equilibrium shape of self-formed channels in noncohesive alluvium: The Lane et al. theory revisited. SDSU Civil Engineering Series 82151, San Diego State University, San Diego, California.

 SI Units (metric):   Flow depth Yo in m; friction angle φ in degrees; β is dimensionless. 

 U.S. Customary Units:   Flow depth Yo in ft; friction angle φ in degrees; β is dimensionless. 



Flow depth Yo  (at channel centerline):        
Friction angle φ  (repose angle):                  
[Recommended range:  5oφ ≤ 45o]
Ratio of lift force to drag force β :                 
[Recommended range:  -1 ≤ β ≤ 1]


Channel top width To :     

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