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Normal and critical depth

101.   Normal depth in a prismatic channel using the Manning equation

102.   Critical depth in a prismatic channel

103.   Discharge in a partially full circular culvert

104.   Critical slope in a prismatic channel

105.   Normal and critical depth in a prismatic channel

106.   Normal depth in a partially full circular culvert

107.   Critical depth in a circular culvert or pipe

108.   Normal depth in a prismatic channel using the Chezy equation

109.   Normal depth in a roadside ditch using the Manning equation

Control of flow, hydraulic jump

111.   Sequent depth in a hydraulic jump

112.   Energy loss in a hydraulic jump based on upstream flow conditions

113.   Discharge under a sluice gate

114.   Discharge over a broad crested weir

115.   Discharge in a prismatic channel using the Manning equation

115A.   Discharge in a prismatic channel using the Manning equation, with two side slopes

115B.   Rating curve in a prismatic channel using the Manning equation

116.   Initial and sequent depths in a hydraulic jump

117.   Critical flow in width constriction

118.   Efficiency of the hydraulic jump

119.   Energy loss in a hydraulic jump based on sequent depths

Water-surface profiles

121.   M1 water-surface profile

122.   M2 water-surface profile

123.   M3 water-surface profile

124.   S1 water-surface profile

125.   S2 water-surface profile

126.   S3 water-surface profile

Water-surface profiles 2

127.   C1 water-surface profile

128.   H2 water-surface profile

129.   A2 water-surface profile

130.   C3 water-surface profile

131.   H3 water-surface profile

132.   A3 water-surface profile


133.   V-notch weir - fully contracted

134.   90° V-notch weir - partially contracted

135.   Cipolletti weir

136.   Rectangular weir

137.   Standard contracted rectangular weir

138.   Standard suppressed rectangular weir

139.   WES spillway design

Channel design, spillways

141.   Tractive force method

142.   Ogee spillway rating

143A.   Froude number

143B.   Vedernikov number

144A.   Limiting contraction ratio

144B.   Set of limiting contraction ratios

145.   Velocity distribution coefficients α and β

146.   Geometric elements of a channel cross section

146A.   Geometric elements of a parabolic channel cross section

147.   Design of a channel transition

148A.   Design of a supercritical channel transition:
a. With hydraulic jump

148B.   Design of a supercritical channel transition:
b. Without hydraulic jump

Pipe flow 1

151.   Hazen-Williams formula

152.   Parallel pipes

153.   Pipes connecting three reservoirs

154.   Culvert hydraulics

155.   Hydraulic power

156.   Discharge with Hagen-Poiseuille equation

157.   Head loss with Hagen-Poiseuille equation

158.   Head loss in pipe flow  

159.   Discharge in pipe flow  

160.   Diameter in pipe flow  

Pipe flow 2

161.   Explicit pipe equation for Darcy Weisbach f  

162.   Explicit pipe equation for discharge Q  

163.   Explicit pipe equation for pipe diameter D

164.   Pump-pipe system

165.   Head loss in orifice  

166.   Discharge in orifice  

167.   Head loss using Venturi meter  

168.   Discharge using Venturi meter  

Sediment properties, sediment yield

171.   Fall velocity of a spherical sediment particle

172.   Specific weight of sediments by Lane-Koelzer

173.   Universal Soil Loss Equation

174.   Universal Soil Loss Equation (composite watershed)

175.   Sediment yield by the Dendy and Bolton formula

176.   Initiation of motion using the Shields criterion

177.   Minimum Froude number and minimum permissible velocity using the Shields criterion

178.   Initiation of motion using the Froude number

179.   Reservoir design life

Sediment transport formulas

181.   Duboys formula

182.   Meyer-Peter formula

183.   Colby 1957 method

184.   Colby 1964 method

185.   Engelund-Hansen formula

186.   Ackers-White formula

187.   Einstein-Brown formula

188.   Modified Einstein Procedure

Dam breach analysis

189.   Dimensionless dam breach analysis

Modified Lane Method

191.   Modified Lane method

192.   k1 for Modified Lane method

193.   k1 calculator

Channel morphology

194.   Equilibrium channel top width using the Lane et al. theory

195.   Inherently stable channel

196.   Inherently unstable channel

Scour formulas

197.   Bridge scour using the HEC-18 formula

198.   Pier and abutment scour using Melville equation

199.   Pier local scour using Jain and Fisher's equation

199A.   Pier scour using Froehlich (1988) equation

199B.   Abutment scour using Froehlich (1989) equation

199C.   Contraction scour under live bed using modified Laursen (1960) equation

199D.   Contraction scour under clear water using Laursen (1963) equation


Peak discharge

201.   Creager formula

202.   Rational method

203.   Rational method for a composite catchment

204.   Slope-area method

205.   USGS methods for magnitude of floods in California

206.   Kinematic wave applicability

207.   Diffusion wave applicability


211.   Linear reservoir

212.   Storage-indication (linear)

213.   Storage-indication

214.   Muskingum

215.   Muskingum-Cunge

216.   Time-area method

217.   Clark unit hydrograph

218.   Cascade of linear reservoirs

219.   Clark's unit hydrograph compared to Ponce's version

219A.   Clark's unit hydrograph compared to Ponce's version 2

220.   Thomas Problem of flood propagation

220A.   Convection, diffusion, and dispersion coefficients


221.   Linear regression

222.   Nonlinear regression: y= f(x) 300 characters input array

222B.   Nonlinear regression: y= f(x) 3000 characters input array

222C.   Nonlinear regression: Q= f(H) 3000 characters input array

223.   Multiple linear regression

224.   Multiple nonlinear regression

225.   Hyperbolic regression

226.   Correlation coefficient of a joint probability distribution


231.   Blaney-Criddle

232.   Penman

233.   Penman-Monteith for reference crop

234.   Priestley-Taylor

235.   Thornthwaite

236.   Hargreaves

237.   Penman-Monteith for ecosystems

238.   Shuttleworth-Wallace for sparse crops

Flood frequency

241.   Gumbel method

242.   Log Pearson III method

243.   Gumbel method (10000 yr)

244.   Log Pearson III method (10000 yr)

245.   TR-55 graphical method

246.   NRCS curve number

247.   Return period based on risk and design life

Unit hydrographs

251.   Flood hydrograph by convolution

252.   Change in unit hydrograph duration using S-hydrograph

253.   Unit hydrograph by the cascade of linear reservoirs

254.   Dimensionless unit hydrograph by the cascade of linear reservoirs

255.   General unit hydrograph by the cascade of linear reservoirs

256.   Series of unit hydrographs by the cascade of linear reservoirs

257.   All series of unit hydrographs by the cascade of linear reservoirs

Time of concentration

261.   Time of concentration of small watersheds

Overland flow modeling

271.   Overland flow using the diffusion wave method

271A.   Overland flow using the diffusion wave method, with kinematic hydraulic diffusivity

271B.   Overland flow using the diffusion wave method, with Vedernikov number in output

272.   Dynamic hydraulic diffusivity

273.   Conceptual dimensionless overland flow hydrographs

274.   Conceptual overland flow hydrograph [Beta 150824]

Numerical analysis

281.   Muskingum-Cunge convergence ratios

282.   Muskingum-Cunge convergence ratios - practical

Water balance

286.   Water balance using catchment wetting

287.   Water balance to determine groundwater recharge coefficient


291.   Storage volume of a detention basin

292.   Online groundwater model

293.   Online dispersivity

294.   Online CN calibration


301.   DO sag curve

302.   DO sag analysis

303.   Oxygenation constant

304.   Total dissolved solids (TDS) based on electrical conductivity (EC)


351.   Calculator (2 operands)

352.   Calculator (3 operands)

353.   Scientific calculator

354.   Perpetual calendar

355.   Arabic to roman numerals

356.   Area common to four inscribed quadrants

357.   Longitudinal distance along a given latitude

358.   Geodistance between two coordinate locations

359.   Compound interest 1

360.   Amortization 1

391.   Programs in Spanish [122]

392.   Programs in Portuguese [91]

393.   Programs in English [167]

394.   Programs in all languages [380]

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